1930's social class

protesting back then

Music in the 1930s.

the music of the decade voiced concerns for social conditions in the form of the protest song.Meanwhile, Guthrie wandered around the country performing at union rallies and observing the social conditions of labor and the Okies migrating to California.In 1938 Guthrie moved to New York and took the protest music to the city.Songs commemorated every major labor conflict, from the Flint, Michigan, strike of 1935 to the Memorial Day Massacre at Republic Steel in Chicago in May of 1937.

protest songs

The "Ballad of the Chicago Steel Massacre" exemplified the genre with its anticapital narrative:

On dark Republic's bloody ground
The Thirtieth day of May
Oh, brothers, let your voices sound
For them that died that day.…

Men and women of the working class
And you little children too
Remember that Memorial Day
And the men that died for you.