Stanley Avenue School Newsletter

Term 4, Week 3

Hello, Kia ora, Chomreabsour, Mālo ni, Ni hao, Kia orāna, Talofa lava, Namaste, Hola, Hallo, Chào bạn, Bula Vinaka, Kumusta, Guten Tag, Mālō e lelei , An-nyeong-ha-se-yo, greetings to all our School Families.

From the principal's desk

Tena koutou katoa,

Teacher Only Day- Friday 11th November

A reminder that school will be closed for instruction next Friday 11th November. During the day teachers will be working hard to upskill themselves around our new digital reporting format using our new Learning Management System (LMS) Hero. Digital reporting is a sustainable option, which provides specific curriculum information and students' next steps in a user friendly format. Information has been displayed in our newsletter over the last few weeks around downloading the Hero app.

The Teacher Only Day is an Accord Teacher Only Day, allocated to us from the Ministry of Education as part of our Collective Agreement.

Please note: Kids club will not be operating on this day.

We thank you for your support and cooperation.

Ngā mihi nui

John Byers

Upcoming Events

  • 7 Nov BOT Meeting 6pm Staffroom
  • 9 Nov Stanley Ave Athletics 8 years and above, Herries Park Juicies and Moosies on sale on the day
  • 11 Nov Teacher only day No School (No Kids Club Operating)
  • 12 Nov Te Aroha A & P show
  • 16 Nov District Athletics
  • 18 Nov Life Education Truck onsite
  • 22 Nov Last day of Technology for Year 7/8 Students
  • 1 Dec Golf Croquet Tournament Year 7/8
  • 8 Dec Year 8 Graduation
  • 12 Dec Prizegiving Assembly
  • 13 Dec Whole School pool trip to Morrinsville pools - Keep this date free!
  • 14 Dec Last Day of the school year


...Juniper Morgan, Syriss and Dreous Hirawani.

We trust your time at Stanley Ave will be full of fun, friends, learning and we look forward to following your progress along the way.

Gumboot friday Fundraiser

Today, Stanley Avenue school took part in Gumboot Friday, in support of the' I am Hope' charity, who raises funds for, and awareness of, Kids Mental Health, to provide free counselling for any young person in need.

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped help us support this wonderful charity. It is heartwarming to see our school community come together over such an important issue. Watch next week's newsletter for the winning gumboot designs!

Stanley Ave's got talent

Below is the video of our showcase as promised. Please note: a small portion of the video has no sound because of copyright issues. If you would like a full copy please email
Stanley Ave's Got Talent

ICAS Results 2022

Congratulations to the following students for these amazing results in the ICAS Writing Test undertaken in Term 3. This test was taken under exam conditions and the results are a credit to the students involved. A great example of Stanley Ave learners 'Striving to Succeed'

Participation Certificate

Xavier van Kuijk

Credit Certificate (Top 36% in NZ and Pacific)

Alex Briones

Wynn Williams

Career week for Team Ruru

Team Ruru's career week has been a success!

We were lucky to have had a variety of speakers from a range of industries come to share their journeys. The students have enjoyed all the speakers and have been intrigued by the variety of career opportunities out there. Common themes of perseverance, working hard, and doing what you are passionate about came through from each of those who spoke.

We would like to extend our thanks to the following speakers for taking the time to speak with our Year 7 and 8 students:

Dave Wood, Fonterra.

Taine Wilson, Taku Wairua.

Peter, Water Treatment, Matamata Piako District Council.

Ash Tanner, former Mayor and local business owner.

Kale Black, Waikato University - Robotics.

Hayley and Liz, Te Aroha Vets.

Sarah Van Marrewijk, Vet technician.

Sergeant Ryan Johnstone, Constable Josh Kerridge,Constable Brandon Dromgool, and

Constable Hamish Casey from the Matamata-Piako district.

Kim Hayes and John Byers Stanley Avenue School.

HERO Digital Reports

Welcome to the start of Term 4!

This term we will be producing our very first digital end of year reports on HERO.

For this we need each parent to have their own email registered with us. You don’t need to use the email for anything else, you just need your own email to sign into the app on your phone. One of the fantastic things about HERO is that it is designed specifically as an app to work on phones and is the best way to access it. On the day that reports are sent it will be right there on your HERO app. On the report it will show you how you can download and print the report if you are wanting to, however it will always sit in their HERO profile for you.

The Hero app enables teachers and students to share information about a student’s learning, progress, and achievement to support learning and improve student outcomes.

It provides a platform for promoting student agency and building a strong partnership between the student, their teacher/s, and the student’s family.

Once you have downloaded HERO, open it and click on “new user”.

Next enter the email you have registered with us under your name, set your password and then either enjoy or let us know if there are any issues.

Di Meyler

Deputy Principal

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Room 7 Halloween Art

This week Room 7 created some Halloween themed artwork.

First the background was created with pastel. Students then created and drew their own spooky house on black paper. After cutting it out the houses were stuck on the back ground.

We think they turned out pretty effective !

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End of Year Whole School Picnic - Morrinsville Pools 13th December

Keep this date free!

The whole school will be travelling to Morrisville Pools to celebrate 2022 on Tuesday 13th December.

The cost will be $10 per child and will cover pool entry and bus fare.

Payment can be made by cash/eftpos at the office or by internet banking to 03 1573 0009816 00 (Please use your family name as a reference)

More information and a permission slip is available on our website/facebook page.

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Scholstic Book Club Issue 7- Due back at school by 8th november

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Touch Draw for tonight 4th November

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Stanley Ave School Athletics (8+ years old) - Helpers needed

On Wednesday 9th November (save day 10th November) we will be holding our School Athletics events at Herries Park.

For this day to run successfully, we require parent assistance.

if you are able to help out, please contact Di Meyler, or the school office as soon as possible.

A list of events and approximate times will be published shortly.

Juicies and Moosies will be available to purchse (ON THE DAY)

Juicies $1.00

Moosies $1.50

Uniform Room is open on Wednesday Mornings 8.30-9.30am. Eftpos available.

Basketball draws

Term 4 2022 Yr 7/8 Basketball

Monday 07/11/2022

All games 10 mins

Each team has 3 games

4.30pm - Coaching for 30 mins with Coach Alex

Round 1 - 5.00pm

SAS Golden State v St Josephs Sharks Court 1BOYS

MIS Ballers TAPS Travellers Court 2BOYS

MIS The Shortage v TAPS Hustlers Court 3BOYS

SAS Otangatangs v SAS Falcons Court 4BOYS

Round 2 - 5.13pm

Elstow-Waihou vSAS Big Foo tCourt 1BOYS

Manawaru Mav s vSAS Peas in a Pod Court 2BOYS

SAS Powder Puff Girls v MIS Fab Court 3GIRLS

TAPS Wizards v SAS Bellbirds Court 4GIRLS

Round 3 - 5.26pm

SAS Powder Puff Girls v SAS All Stars Court 1GIRLS

Elstow-Waihou Energy v TAPS Queens Court 2GIRLS

St Joseph's Stripes v TAPS Wizards Court 3GIRLS

TAPS Travellers v St Josephs Sharks Court 4BOYS

Round 4 - 5.39pm

SAS Golden State v Manawaru Mavs Court 1BOYS

SAS Peas in a Pod v Elstow-Waihou Court 2BOYS

SAS Big Foot v SAS Otangatangs Court 3BOYS

MIS The Shortage v SAS Falcons Court 4BOYS

Round 5 - 5.52pm

TAPS Hustlers v MIS Ballers Court 1BOYS

MIS Troublemakers v MIS Fab Court 2GIRLS

TAPS Wizards v Elstow-Waihou Energy Court 3GIRLS

TAPS Queens v SAS Powder Puff Girls Court 4GIRLS

Round 6 - 6.05pm

MIS Fab v St Joseph's Stripes Court 1GIRLS

SAS Bellbirds v SAS All Stars Court 2GIRLS

Manawaru Mavs v MIS The Shortage Court 3BOYS

Elstow-Waihou v TAPS Hustlers Court 4BOYS

Round 7 - 6.18pm

SAS Big Foot v SAS Golden State Court 1BOYS

SAS Otangatang v TAPS Travellers Court 2BOYS

St Josephs Sharks v MIS Ballers Court 3BOYS

SAS Falcons v SAS Peas in a Pod Court 4BOYS

Round 8 - 6.31pm

Elstow-Waihou Energy v SAS Bellbirds Court 1GIRLS

St Joseph's Stripes v SAS All Stars Court 2GIRLS

MIS Troublemakers v TAPS Queens Court 3GIRLS

MIS Fab v TAPS Wizards Court 4GIRLS

Finish 6.41pm

Yr 5/6 Basketball

Wednesday 09/11/2022

All games 10 mins

Each team has 3 games

4.30pm - Coaching for 30 mins with Coach Alex

Round 1 - 5.00pm

SAS Wolverines v Manawaru Magic Court 1BOYS

St Josephs Sparks v Elstow-Waihou Eagles Court 2BOYS

St Josephs Storm v SAS Breakers Court 3BOYS

SAS Stags v TAPS Hawks Court 4BOYS

Round 2 - 5.13pm

SAS Stars v SAS Tuis Court 1GIRLS

St Josephs vTAPS Stormers Court 2GIRLS

TAPS Shots v SAS Panthers Court 3BOYS

SAS Titans v SAS Dragons Court 4BOYS

Round 3 - 5.26pm

TAPS Shots v TAPS Hawks Court 1BOYS

SAS Breakers v SAS Wolverines Court 2BOYS

Elstow-Waihou Eagles vSAS Stags Court 3BOYS

SAS Panthers v Manawaru Magic Court 4BOYS

Round 4 - 5.39pm

SAS Stars v TAPS Stormers Court 1GIRLS

St Josephs v SAS Tuis Court 2GIRLS

St Josephs Sparks v SAS Dragons Court 4BOYS

St Josephs Storm v SAS Titans Court 4BOYS

Round 5 - 5.52pm

SAS Panthers v Elstow-Waihou Eagle Court 1BOYS

SAS Stags v SAS Breakers Court 2BOYS

TAPS Hawks vSAS Wolverines Court 3BOYS

St Josephs Storm v TAPS Shots Court 4BOYS

Round 6 - 6.05pm

TAPS Stormers v SAS Tuis Court 1GIRLS

SAS Stars v St Josephs Court 2GIRLS

SAS Titans v St Josephs Sparks Court 3BOYS

SAS Dragons v Manawaru Magic Court 4BOYS

Finish 6.18pm

Stanley Avenue School Enrolment Scheme

Stanley Avenue School Enrolment Scheme

Details of pre-enrolment procedures and subsequent balloting

procedures for November- December 2022

The board advises that five spaces for new entrant students and five spaces for Years 1-8

students are likely to be available for the period of 21st November 2022 to 15th December


Applications close 9 am, 15th December 2022. If the number of out of zone applications

exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot for out

of zone places is required, it will be held at 10 am, 15th December 2022.

Application forms are available from our school office.

Phone 07 8848 479 or alternatively contact John Byers (Principal) on 021 138 1983


Thank you

John Byers


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Morrinsville A.T.C Recruitment Day

Join us for our Recruitment Day on the 13th of November to learn all about what we do at 31 SQN Morrinsville ATC. Our local ATC Unit is holding a fun day to introduce teenagers of the Piako District to our unique and exciting youth organisation. Recruitment is aimed at all teenagers aged between 13-15 years of age, with our cadets ranging in age from 13-19.

The Air Training Corps (ATC), part of the New Zealand Cadet Forces is supported by - but not a part of - the New Zealand Defence Force. We strive to assist youth to develop their passion and skills to become tomorrow’s leaders, learning valuable life skills such as self discipline, commitment, work ethic, teamwork and motivation. We have parade nights on a Wednesday and weekend activities such as hiking, bushcraft, target shooting, drill, flying and much more. We would be thrilled to see new faces. Join us at our unit 35-37 Lorne St, Morrinsville.

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"Arts under the Mountain" 4th December 2022

Te Aroha Business association has created a new outdoor Art Event.

We will be closing off part of Whitaker Street on the 4th December from 10am - 3pm to provide spaces for Artists to show their work to the public. All creatives of Matamata Piako are invited to register to reserve a space. NCEA Students are welcome to display their portfolios.

to register please contact Janet Miller on 02108897453 or or at Whitaker Gallery.

We will also be providing free chalk for children to draw on the road and Santa may put in a brief appearance.

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Stanley Ave School Bank Account Details

Please make payments to 03 1573 0009816 00 (Use you surname as a reference)