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The Scoop: April 28, 2015

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Lets Go International
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•New & Noteworthy•

See you soon...

This is the final issue of The Scoop for the Spring semester. No worries though, we will be back in the fall! Be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with students while they are studying abroad this summer! #SouthernMissStudyAbroad

•Lets Go International•

Countdown to take off!

Each week that passes by brings us closer to a study abroad program. We are so excited we decided to host an official countdown for each program as the dates draw near. Are you ready to climb aboard and see what lies beyond the horizon? The countdown to your journey starts now!

16 Days Until Business & Culture in Japan

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58 Days Until the British Studies Program

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Farewell Exchange Students

The Office of International Programs wants to wish this year's exchange students all the best as they return home. We hope that your time here at Southern Miss has enlightened you and made you grow as an individual. We are sure you will hold these memories close to you forever. Best of luck to you and we hope that your future is full of exploration and travel.

Some favorite moments from exchange students...

  • Lisa Berrie (from Keele University in England) said her favorite thing to do was hang out with the Southern Miss International Club!
  • Jana Klar ( from Bonn University in Germany) says, "I have a lot of moments that I really like to remember. One of them is going to the pool at night, when the summer heat has ceased. I just loved to go there because you always met new people and everyone here was extremely nice. I made a lot of friends by the West Gate pool and had many happy moments there that I will never forget."
  • Alice Rouget (from ESCE in France) enjoyed going out with her new friends and experiencing the American culture.

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A Tip to Reflect

When you travel or study abroad there is so much for you to take in. Your five senses will be running wild with the change in scenery. Things are going to look different and sound strange. You are going to go to iconic places, try great food, and be exposed to many foreign things. So while all of this is happening, take a moment and look past the surface. Really reflect on what is happening around you. Rather than recall what you did during a day, think about what is special about it and how is that significant to the culture around you. Give meaning to your experiences, and reflect. It is sure to open your eyes to something of true value.

•Stay Connected•

Featured Photo

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Southern Charm

International students and scholars visit the beautiful city of Natchez, MS.


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