Learning Skills College Assignment

Post Seondary Programs for the Visual/Kinesthetic Learners

Trying to go to a College with your type of learning style start here

Colleges in the Central district of Canada are more likely to have kinesthetic and visual students rather than other students with other learning styles, it is most likely to find a school with your learning style in the Central district in Canada

If you would like to visit these locations please be here for these times.

Humber: 11:30.am-1:30a.m, 2:20p.m-3:30p.m, 5:40p.m-7:00p.m

Sheridan: 12:30a.m-2:50p.m, 3:30p.m-5:30, 7:30

Seneca: 10:00a.m-12:50p.m, 3:00p.m-5:50p.m, 8:00p.m-10:30a.m

We wish you good luck with your choices and courses.