In Our Library

Egg-O-Rama FAQ

We have twelve eggs and a high-tech Brinsea Octagon Eco incubator that will have center stage in the library. The chicks are due to hatch on May 31st.

There are lots of exciting math and inquiry activities that can be based around the eggs!


I would love it if students felt invested in the eggs, so all classes on the first floor are invited to adopt and name an egg! Once your class has agreed on a name, come to the library, pick an egg & I'll write it down for you.

I would feel better if no one's class named their egg And Bacon! Mrs. Bowen, this means you!

Math Connections

There are lots of ways the hatching could tie into math. You can study probability, fractions of a set, data management, and analysis.

Here are some questions you might want to explore with your class. Of course, you may come up with more that haven't even entered my mind.

How likely is it (insert name here) will hatch on the predicted hatch date?

How many of the eggs do you think will hatch?

Do you think position will have anything to do with hatch success?

How likely is it that all the eggs will hatch?

How likely is it that our egg will hatch?

How many will hatch before the date?

How many will hatch after the date?

Life Cycles

I'll have lots of fiction and nonfiction books around on chickens and am looking into a machine to candle the eggs. We might get to check to see if our eggs are viable or not!


I'm excited about the students' questions relating to the eggs and the incubator itself. I've come across an adaptation of the KWL chart that I think will be great to generate student thinking, prompt the creation of "thin & thick" questions and build excitement and wonder.

The poster could be done silently with students completing the sheet on their own, in small groups or with a whole group orally on chart paper

On the edge of the blue table, I'm going to post the title What Are Your Wondering? Then I'll post questions students have asked around the table. As students answer questions, either in class or during recesses where students can explore the questions they have, I'll post their various answers underneath the questions.

Here's a link to the poster below in pdf format, if you'd like to use it.

Big image

Design & Tech

When hatching time comes, I'm going to try to set up a webcam so we can watch our eggs hatch wherever we are. This will be new for me, so we'll see how it goes, but other people have pulled it off!

Although the eggs are exciting in themselves, so is the incubator. Brinsea incubators are a success story, and the students may be as excited about the machine as they are about the eggs. Brinsea does an excellent job of explaining their process and their products. You will get peeks into the design, manufacturing and technology embedded into their incubators.

Brinsea Products Ltd - The Incubation Specialists
I'll be printing off the library schedule for the next two weeks on Monday. Between the #ReadIn and the hatching there are a number of reasons to come to the library - with or without me!