Figure skating

by:Lacie Harwood


In this selection you will learn about Figure Skating competitions, how to do it and what equipment is necessary you will also learn about the science of this sport.

How is it played ?

The men and woman's singles competitions and in the pairs competitions each contestant has two parts of a short program. In the program skaters must complete required elements of the free skate which is a longer program which the free skate has less restrictions and emphasis skaters artistry .


Boot : for a thick custom made for each foot.

Heel : is like a high heel but with a blade attached to it.

Boot : tongue : skates have a padding to hold for maximum control.

Blade : is slightly curved it is sharpened to make it go faster and not slower.

Hollow : finally ground edges on either side of the hollow provide control and speed.

Science of this sport

  • Friction is important to any speed sport like skating , skiing or bobsledding.
  • The larger the movement of inertia the more torque it takes to stop the object from moving or spinning.
  • If the radius is reduced the speed increases. This is due to the centripetal acceleration the skaters experience during the rotation.
  • A skater would need gravity to jump in the air and not fall down.
  • Momentum is basically how much force it would take to stop a moving object.
  • A skater would need to be balanced to skate on ice and not fall over.
  • One of the most well know tenets of physics is for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction which was first discovered by Isaac Newton/Newton's Laws.
  • Smooth ice provides very little resistance against objects like ice skates, being dragged across a surface.