September Whats with the Oils

For the oily family of Nikki Wheeler Douglas

September is here!

September is a very exciting time. Back to school, football, and germs. Wait what? Yep I said germs. People are already sick. Prepare yourself and your family no matter where you work for the cold/flu season to begin. Thankfully Young Living and Whats with the Oils has a way to help you stock your cabinets with a healthy way to fight back. Remember its all about focusing on wellness to begin with. Then when something does get you you can grab your oils and fight it off with out reaching for those OTC meds with side effects and chemicals or having to pay expensive copays.

First up is our WWTO promo. Spend 100pv and get $20 credit to your account you can use this fall to get more great products. Join ER so you can keep some great products on your monthly order and stay stocked up. Not only will you earn your percentage back on every order but WWTO will give you $10 credit for enrolling in ER. Jennie Leeann just announced that she will also be giving $10 credit for signing up for ER and spending 100pv this month. Take advantage of this great opportunity! (Ps. not sure if you did the math but if you sign up for ER and spend 100pv you are getting $10 +$10 credits and $20 credit. Thats $40 in credits + your 10% back your earn on ER)

August/September give away

In August I gave away a bottle of orange oil at random to the replies from the following question. "How do you plan to protect your family for winter wellness.". I had some great conversations with you guys! The winner of the orange oil is Latosha Briscoe!!

For september I will give away a bottle of RC at random for answering the following question. "What illness does my family battle the most during cold/flu season?". Maybe its stomach bugs, sinus infection, chest congestion, or flu? Respond to be entered and I will respond with how I use my oils to help that problem.

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Mineral Essence

Fun Fact: According to two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling PhD. "You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." Ionic minerals are the most fully and quickly absorbed form of minerals available.

Book a September Class!

I am trying to fill my calendar this fall with oil classes. Not only will you get a thank you check from Young Living for each of your friends/family you help begin their oily journey, but I am also offering a great promo for September classes. I will gift you with a hostess gift of the new Thieves Dish Soap! I will also reward each hostess that has a class that ends in a sign up with an essential oil diffuser necklace and enter all hostesses into a drawing for a great gift basket! Please let me know if you are ready to host a class for me or one of my team mates to teach!