Talk Like a Pirate Day Celebration

MPRA & Rainbow Acres Camp Out , Raft Race and Mayhem

September 19th and 20th - Plunderin' and HiJinks

Avast Ye Mateys - Arrrrrrrr you ready for a swashbucklin' good time.


Friday - There will be a Brunswick Stew, bonfire, s'mores amakin' along with singin' the sea chanties and the telling of pirate ghost stories by many a sorry son of a biscuit eater. The merrymakin' should commence about 7 PM. If you not be acampin' come on down and join the festivities anyway.

Saturday - There will be a costume contest commencin' at 10:30 in the marnin' so be surrrre to wear your fanciest pirate attire. At 11, there will be a Treasure Hunt to find all the booty hidden by the famous Cap'n Flora Buttscar. Bring ye finest raft, canoe, or kayak and join in the fun. Much of the treasure is buried along the banks of the River Mattaponi! World Famous Wafters from the Waft Wace will be leading in the chase for the gold! Be surrrre to pack ye water canons and water pistols in case thar be an outbreak of mischief makin' on the sea (or creek).

Saturday evening - more mischief to be made with a low country boil along the banks of the mighty river.

If ye ain't acampin' thar be a daily charge for the grub and activities - $6 per person for a day, $10 per person for both the days. Day visitors will be chased away about 9:00 PM.

But you MUST let us know ye will be acomin' or ye will be a walkin' the plank.... and ye need to let us know by September 11th, that be the DEADline....AAAARRRRRR. CLICK BELOW to registAAARRRRR

For Campin' Infromation about ye loverly Rainbow Acres

If you be awantin' to camp with a swashbucklin' batch of scallywags be sure to call Rainbow Acres Campground. Fer the best deal around call the campground yerself.

Call Cap'n Fancy Leggins yerself @ 804-785-9441

International Talk Like a Pirate Day Celebration

Friday, Sep. 19th, 4pm to Saturday, Sep. 20th, 6pm

514 James Rd

King & Queen Courthouse, VA