Runtastic Six Pack

Step by step daily workouts

Runtasic review

I recommend using this free app to help you get your six pack. This app is great because it uses avatar people as trainers who demonstrate the workouts very clearly, which is definatly my favorate feature of this app. To help you stay motivated Runtastic sends you nonifications to remind you to workout. You can also select motivative music for while you're doing the exercises. This app is user friendly, the app itself its pretty easy to use. Its self explainitory.You have to make a free account to get this app which is great because you can signout without losing any progress. I would overall recomend this app to anyone who wants to acheive there goals.
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5 reasons you should get this app

  • Avatar people
  • 50 video dementrations of Ab workouts
  • Nonifications to help you acieve your fitness goal
  • Body fat percentage Visualization
  • Motivational music

5 reasons not to get this app

  • The app appears to be free but in order to see all the 50 different ab workouts you need to buy them for $4.99.
  • Sometimes in the middle of a workout a advertisment pops up
  • Doesn't have very many other features to the app besides the body fat visualization.
  • The Runtastic app tries to trick you into buying things for the app.
  • After I already bought all 50 workout videos it locked them again so I had to Re-get them.