Joined the EU in 1986

History of Spain

Spain comes from the word Espana. It is found in Southwestern Europe. It borders the Mediterranean Sea.


The flag is Spain was adopted on December 6, 1978. The colors were selected by Charles the III . After the Spanish Civil War the flags colors became red and gold, now having a eagle on it, the flag became the national flag of Spain in 1936.


The capital of Spain is Madrid. Other cities include Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, and Malaga.


Segovia is place to visit because it's a World Heritage City.

Another place to visit is the Canary Islands because of the warm sunny weather all year around.


Spain has cold winters and hot summers. Their land is large and flat to dissected plateaus with rugged hills. They also have mountains called the Pyrenees Mountains.


The type of goverment Spain has is a Parliament Monarchy.

Currency Type

Spain currently uses the EURO but prior the EURO they uses Pesetas.

Interesting Facts

  • Spanish cuisine is now for its Pallea
  • The word Spain comes from Espana
  • Spain is the only country in Europe that produces Bananas