Flipping your Faculty Meetings

Using Technology to Make the Most of Your Time

Discussion Points

  1. Share one take away from the "Flipped Learning: SAMR Model" video you watched?
  2. Rate Yourself - what level do you think you are at most of the time in the SAMR Model

Moving Beyond Substitution

How can we as leaders encourage and model for our staff to move beyond Substitution in regards to the SAMR Model?
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What is a Flipped Faculty Meeting?

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Tools to Help you get Started

Start simple and slow using/introducing one component/tool at a time. Here are just a few:

  • Back channels - todaysmeet.com; padlet.com
  • Online newsletters for weekly updates and announcements - smore.com; tackk.com
  • Store and share documents electronically - Safari Montage
  • Create videos of your agendas and reminders and send out via email or include in yourelectronic newsletters - MoveNote; 30 Hands

Examples of "Flipped" Tools

Share Agendas and Information Ahead of Time

Many apps like Evernote all you to share your notes electronically. Send out agendas via Evernote and staff who have their own Evernote accounts can take their notes electronically in Evernote.

The CHISD Technology Backchannel

Use this TodaysMeet to ask any questions or add your contributions to our discussion about using and modeling technology tools with your staff.

SAMR Video using MoveNote

Watch this brief presentation over the SAMR Technology Integration Model that will be referencing and teaching throughout the 2014-2015 School year.

Handouts and Resources

A playlist of handouts and documents you might need for future reference. All of these items have been uploaded into Safari Montage and organized in a playlist for easier accessibility.

Technology Updates and Reminders

A video example of reminders and updates that can be shared without having a meeting.

How Can We Help?

Let us know what trainings you need/want and when and how you would like them delivered.