World Geo Review

By. Julian Amador


Stateless Nation- An ethnic group that is not recognized internationally

Population Density- How populated an area is, per square km

Plate Tectonics- Plates moving under the earth that cause mountains

Outsourcing- Relocating a job overseas to a foreign country because it is cheaper

Subsistence Farming- Farming for survival

Commercial Farming- Farming for profit/ income

Cultural Assimilation- The blending of different cultures to make them look similar

Cultural Hearth- Many different cultures coming together

Cultural Diffusion- Spreading of culture worldwide or just across close countries

Urbanizing- Urbanizing a rural area

Globalization- Process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations

More Vocabulary

Theocratic Government- A government led by a political leader

Democratic Government- People have say in the government

Totalitarian Government- Government has full control, the people do not have a say

Mixed Market- Incorporates a mixture of public and privately owned businesses, while allowing owners the ability to amass great wealth.

Command- Completely controlled by the central government in order to regulate business and profit

Free market- Allows total freedom with business owners to set prices, create products, and ultimately fail or succeed on their own

Socialist- Government provides most of the important public services but still permits private ownership somewhat

Primary Activities- Farming

Secondary Activities- Factory work, exporting of goods

Tertiary Activities- Tourism

Quaternary Activities- CEO of a company

Developed/ Underdeveloped

Characteristics of a developed nation- Large GDP, Low major diseases, Low infant mortality rate

Characteristics of an underdeveloped nation- Low GDP, High major diseases, High infant mortality rate