Soviet Union in WWII

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Russo-Finish war 1939-1940

Soviet union was afriad that finland was going to invade them so they declared war. They fought 2 baddles, the Winter War and the Contitution War. Finland lost both wars.

Why the Invasion of the Soviet Union was Important to the Allies

History of the Soviet Union Invasion

in 1944 the Germans invaded the Soviet Union. At first the soviets were losing, then the winter came that the Germans wern't prepared for. In May 1945 the Germans Surrenderd.

The Soviets Plan

The Soviets didnt have much of a plan. They were losing the War at first, they had sevral sinking ships and losses. They got lucky because the Germans were not prepared for the winter. The Germans were forced to surrender on May 9, 1945 after Hitler commited suicide.


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What the War was Like

Fred Lorship was in the war. He decribes it as "my group were all young cadets, with no war experence. As he travled through berlin the train stopped sevral times for Air rids. food was scarce. Word came that our commander officer was killed. Finally, the Germans Surrendered.