Its not ice. Its green


  • North,West of the European Continent
  • 20 degrees West Longitude
  • 65 degrees North, Latitude
  • South East of Greenland


  • The official language of Iceland is Icelandic.
  • There is an Official committee that exits for the sole purpose for creating new Icelandic terms if necessary Ex. telephone or Computer.


  • Most of the population belongs to the State Church (Lutheran Church).
  • However Freedom of religion is allowed.
  • There are Protestants, Catholics, and other religions in Iceland, but most Icelanders don't go to church, only fo baptisms, confirmations, weddings, funerals, and Christmas Mass.

Arts and Music

  • Traditional arts of Iceland are weaving, silversmiths, and wood carvings. Also its literary heritage that stems from authors of the 12th and 14th centuries.
  • Music; has several professional theaters, symphony orchestras, and opera.


The ethnicity of Iceland are 94% mixtures of dependents Norse and Celts. Plus 6% population of foreign origin.

Economic Activities

The main economic activities are farming, ranging, dairy products.

ex. potatoes, green veggies, mutton (lamb), chicken, beef, and fishing.

Political Systems

  • Has a multiparty parliamentary system, with constitution.
  • Presidents elected by direct popular voted but does not head a separate executive branch But serve a parliamentary function.
  • Elections have more to do with polices and positions on issues then with personalities.

Customs and Traditions

For homecomings or family gatherings they usually put spreads of cakes or pastries with crullers (fried pastries)and thin pancakes with whipped cream.