5B Newsletter

March 5-9

Hope you enjoy these extra couple days with your kids while we have parent teacher conferences and our county Institute Day. The students have been working hard, and continue to amaze me.

Next week in reading, we will be reading the story, "Seeing Earth from Space" in our Harcourt book. In guided reading we will be reading the play about Martin Luther King Jr. from our Storyworks magazines.

In writing, we have been discussing persuasive writing. Students have been given several arguments where they have to choose a side and convince others on their argument. They have been doing a great job with this. We will be doing one final example of this style of writing this week.

In fifth grade math, students are continuing to work on multiplying fractions by whole numbers. Overall, they are grasping the concept, but some still struggle when this concept is not just computation, but shows up in a story problem.

In accelerated math, students are working on inequality word problems. Students will also be taking the accelerated math test during math time on Thursday, March 8. They will be taking it from 12:30-1:45. On Friday, they will begin Unit 5 review.

Students are very excited to have moved onto science! This unit is about weather. Students are learning about the layers of the atmosphere, tools used in determining weather, clouds, weather occurrences, etc. They made great posters last week depicting the layers of the atmosphere.

In spelling, we will be looking at Greek and Latin roots. Please continue to remind your child to study. On the last test grades were much better so tell them to keep up the good work!