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Leadership Institute - Fall Class of 2015

The individuals who participated in the Leadership Institute were principals and teachers from Liestman Elementary, Chancellor Elementary, Smith Elementary, as well as district leaders from Alief ISD, the Houston Zoo, individual business owners and representatives of large corporations. As reflected by one participant, she learned that E-Colors is a process about teamwork and communication, finding your balance in work and home, reflect on choices made in your journey that could've benefitted from a different perspective. We would like to thank every individual for their contribution to make this a phenomenal learning experience for all involved.

Taft Oil-Tech Academy Invited to Speak to the US Olympics 2016 Women's Water Polo Team

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Lewis M. Senior (Y/R) wrote, "We have just finished a fantastic Intentional Teamwork session with the USA Women's Water Polo team, who were gracious enough to invite us to their training base in California." Ted Pendergrass (R/G) added, "What an honor! These folks are sacrificing much to represent our country in the 2016 Olympics!" Captain Kami Craig (Y/R) is featured on our website: http://www.ecolorsineducation.com/Training-Coaching/E-Colors-in-Sport.html Thank you Laura Senior Garcia (R/Y) and Lewis for granting this opportunity to Taft Oil-Tech Academy!

Sam Houston State University :: Registrars

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