New River

By Brett, Tyler, and Clayvon


Bridge Day is an annual one-day festival in Fayetteville, Fayette County, West Virginia, United States The event is coordinated by the New River Gorge Bridge Day Commission, and is sponsored by numerous companies of both local and international significance. The event, held on the third Saturday every October, commemorates the 1977 completion of the New river gorge Bridge. On this day, all four lanes of the bridge are closed to automobiles and opened to Pedestrians . Estimates have 100,000 people attending the overall event.

The first Bridge Day was held in 1980 and drew a crowd of roughly 40, 000. It has been held every year since except for 2001. It was canceled that year due to the recent events of 9/11 and the possibility of terrorist attacks.


On the new river you can hunt along its banks fish for their amazing trout population. their are many activity's for the hunters and fisherman like white water rafting and bridge jumping.


The New River Land Trust is an organization that has helped conserved over 43,000 acres of farms corridors in the new river region. they have saved many animals and have put them in them in shelter homes.

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