Power Searching with Google

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Dewey? You mean Google!

Research has changed since most of us were in school. Dewey was our best friend when it came to doing research and writing papers. He had a decimal system that helped keep us lined out all the way from the 000's (Computer Science, General Works) to 900's (History & Geography). We loved Dewey. As technology gained ground, Dewey slowly started to give way to the almighty Google with the younger generations. Ask your kids who Dewey is and they may tell you he is one of Uncle Donald's three nephews. Most students have never had to go to the library, use the card catalog system to look up a reference number for a book, spend hours looking only to find out it was checked out. Today, students just type in the information they are searching for in Google and thousands of websites and links appear. Where our teachers and librarians taught us how to look up books for papers, we are now teaching our students how to properly look up useful and creditable information on the Internet. This Smore is dedicated to "Power Searching with Google"
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Google Search Tips

  • Compare multiple sources-You need to double check your evidence by checking several different sources. Look for at least three sources that have about the same evidence in order to consider it "common knowledge." This will also give you a variety of points of view on a subject. Check to see how ideas vary or if different data is presented on your topic.
  • For more information check out Google's Advanced Searching Skills page
  • Google News- This allows you to search news headlines that Google collects from around the world.
  • Use quotation marks to search for exact words or phrases.
  • Use the tabs- All, News, Video, Map, Images, More (contains Books, Flights, Apps) are set up to help you narrow down your search.
  • Keep it searched simple. Only use important words or words that best describe what you are looking for in an article.


It is important as we teacher our students to search for information for their research papers and projects, it is also important to teach them about Copyright laws. Below are some helpful links to share with your students.

Copyright Terms

Fair Use Guidelines

Copyright FAQ

Fair Use FAQ

Public Domain FAQ