A Spicy Invite - Monday January 21

A Real Invitation (and a chance to play with this site)

African Vegetarian Potato Lentil Curry

Please help yourself to some mild and tasty curry at lunch. Vegetarian lentil potato curry gently cooked with fresh ginger, cinnamon, lemon and cumin. You will love it. Tamarind chutney and garlic chapati's provided. Those of you coming for the Open House Manager's meeting...stick around and help yourself.

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Monday, Jan. 21st, 12-1:30pm

200 Main St

Ucluelet, BC

Make sure you stop in and have some lunch. A BIG pot of curry needs to be eaten!

Monday's Offerings

Managers - Don't forget 11 a.m. meeting to discuss the upcoming Open House

Be prepared to share your ideas coming from your discussion with your staff.