December Incentives!

I want you to make this a December to Remember!

Let's do this!!!

Hi Ladies,

November was so amazing and you all KILLED it!!

So I thought in the spirit of giving this month, I am going to throw a little more skin in the game! I want to see you all promote and meet your goals this month. I am 100% behind you!

Here's the deal! It's all about promoting this month, you promote and you get a special gift from me, here's your prizes:

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When you promote to Manager this moth, you will earn a beautiful Kate Spade Business Card Holder!

YES! You promote to manager ($2,500 BV), you get this fun gift from me!

Sr. Director

Promote to Sr Manager this moth and you will earn one of my favorite winter accessories, the Love Your Melon Beanie!

Yes you promote to Sr. Manager ($5,000 BV) and you have your pick of one of these cute beanies :)

Plus you are giving back, this amazing company helps children battling cancer and provides them with your beautiful beanies, LOVE!


When you promote to Director this month you will earn this super cute Tory Burch Cosmetic Pouch!

YES! Sr. Manager ($10,000 BV) will earn you this fun pouch to hold all your Beautycounter goodies :)

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Fine Print

*If you have already achieved a certain promotion you may earn the incentive for maintaining your promotion.

*If you maintain a promotion, and achieve another you will qualify for both incentives.

*If you are already a Sr. Manager you will not qualify for the manager incentive, only for maintaining and above, as with Director.

You Can Do It!!

Let's Promote

I can help you create a plan of action. Let me know what you are working for and we can make it happen.

Just think, not only will you get a fun gift, but your paycheck will reflect your hard work!

Average monthly income for:

Manager: $550

Sr. Manager: $850

Director: $1,525

Let's get you some extra Holiday Cash!

XOXO, Ashley

(231) 944-9416