Anderson's 3rd Grade Class

Newsletter: March 21, 2016

Math Workshop:

This week, we will continue to explore, estimate, and compare objects in various units. Such as grams, kilograms, liters and milliliters. The students will need to predict which objects weigh more than, less than, or the same as other objects. There will be an assessment on telling time, elapsed time, and measuring the capacity of objects on Friday, March 25th. Students have received a homework review sheet to help them study all of the concepts that will be presented on this Friday's test.

Reading Workshop:

We have been working on describing how characters' actions affect events within a story. This week, we will continue to use text illustrations as evidence to support what is also happening within a story. Students will need to understand how illustrations help us understand more complex texts. For example, illustrations are more than just pictures. They help us to understand the characters' actions and feelings, the setting and the plot. Illustrations also help explain the mood of the text.

Also, on Thursday, we will be taking a practice GA Milestone reading test on the computer from 10am - 11am. Students will have the opportunity to practice using the same tools and resources provided on the GA Milestones State Exam in order to help make online testing a smooth process for everyone. The students' scores on the practice test will not be counted as a grade. The main purpose of the practice test is to familiarize students with the testing procedures that will be very similar to the GA Milestones in April.

Writing Workshop:

Last week, students worked on their opinion writing about a story called "Shells". Students were asked to form an opinion on which character changed the most, Michael or Aunt Esther. This week, students will work on revising and editing their opinion writing essay. Their essay should include a clearly stated opinion with supporting details and evidence provided directly from the story "Shells". Each student will need to provide at least three ways that their character has changed throughout the story. This will count as their guided opinion writing grade in the areas of ideas, style, organization and conventions.


Students will learn how to use comparative and superlative adjectives correctly in their daily writing. Comparative adjectives are used to compare a noun to another noun. For example: Sally is taller than Cindy. Superlative adjectives compare three or more nouns. For example: My mother's cooking is the best.


This week, we will begin our unit on magnets. We will explore what types of metals are magnets and what are the characteristics of objects that are attracted to magnets. Students will also discover the difference between permanent and temporary magnets. We will have a magnets test next Thursday, March 31st. Students have already received a study guide to help prepare them for next week's test.

Word Study:

We will practice using homophones correctly within our daily writing. Here are some examples:

cent, scent, sent, do, due, dew, dear, deer, days, daze

Picture Day

We will take our class picture for the GOES Yearbook this Wednesday, March 23rd at 9:30am. Students may also take individual pictures at this time.

Book Fair

Our class will be able to shop for book on Tuesday, March 22nd at 12:30pm. Students are also welcome to purchase books with their parents during lunch or after school. The book fair closes each day at 4pm. The last day to purchase books will be on Wednesday, March 23rd.

More Online Testing (Extra Practice)
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