"Cutch Haircut"

By Emma Hock from Hock Times

On March 25th, Andrew McChutchen, centerfield for the Pittsburg Pirates, got his hair cut for the first time in more than eight years. His dreadlocks are being auctioned off and the proceeds will going towards charity. Mccutchen stated, "I just needed a change."

MLB followed him to his hometown where they recorded the whole process of his haircut just for the fans who were expecting some big news (McChutchen tweeted something exciting was happening). Cutch fans were disappointed though when they discovered he left his locks behind.

Some fans worried that the loss of his luscious locks would cause McChutchen to also lose his great offensive and defensive skills. However, their worries were unnecessary as he started the season off with ten RBIs and two home runs in just 15 games.