Reading Smore

November 28-December 2

Moby Max Vocabulary

Please complete 10 minutes of this every day before

Mrs. Villiard's Table

Meet with Mrs. Villiard to compare Live vs. Artificial Trees!

Mrs. Hanley

Mrs. Hanley will be taking you through a lesson on drawing Inferences in Informational Text.

*Staple your answer key to your contract!

Do you get enough sleep?

This passage will have you choose the main idea of the passage and make inferences about your own sleeping patterns.

Teacher's Note: Drawing inferences in informational text requires you to PROVE YOUR ANSWER! This means each question is created to see if you can prove your answer. I want something underlined or highlighted for each question!!

Study Island

Login to Study Island from the EMIS resources page.

Bring up the lesson and review the lesson before you begin!

Complete at least 10 questions or continue until you get the score you would like for a grade.

Holdiay Newspaper!

3 week project!

Purpose: You are a newspaper writer. Your editor has asked you to feature another country’s holiday traditions in the December edition of the newspaper.

  1. Go to culturegrams from the EMIS resources page. Login: mgsdnc password: welcome

  2. Choose “Kids edition”

  3. Choose a part of the world (green words).

  4. Now choose a country (green words) from that part of the world.

  5. Look on the left side of the page under “Lifestyles” choose “Holidays.”

  6. Complete Newspaper template for the holiday from that country.
  7. Write your first article for your newspaper including the details that you recorded on your newspaper template.
Newspaper Template

Make a copy and write your first article.