by: Noah Hambarian

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Who, What, Where, Why

Joseph Priestley and Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered oxygen, both were individuals.
It got its name from the Greek word oxegene But after they got the work they spelled it different.

fun facts

1.Oxygen supports combustion.

2.Everything requires oxygen.

3.Oxygen is colorless and it doesn't smell like anything.

4.Oxygen is a non-metal.

5.Oxygen is Para-magnetic.

Periodic Table Info

Oxygen symbol is:O

Atomic # is 8

Mass # is 15.999

Where oxygen is found

Oxygen is the most abundant gas on earth.

It is found in most ores. Mostly found in the gas form.

melting point, and boiling point

Melting point for oxygen - -361.8°F

Boiling point for oxygen--297.3°F

Uses for Oxygen

Breathing, growing plants and Rocket fuel are some of the things you use oxygen for, those are the main things.

Density for oxygen

Dysprosium 8.551 g/cm 3 Oxygen 1.429 g/l Ununpentium

periodic table info

chalcogens is the family.

the period on the periodic table is 2

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