Ladies Tresses Navasota

An Endangered Plant

Basic Information

Finding ladies-tresses can be difficult, since these orchids are not as conspicuous as their tropical cousins. Most Texas species produce a single slender, twisted spike of tiny white flowers, 8-15 inches tall, and in many habitats the ladies-tresses spike is much shorter than surrounding 5 wildflowers. Navasota ladies-tresses is endemic to the Oak Woodlands and Prairies region of east-central Texas. They occur primarily in seasonally moist soils along open wooded margins of creeks, drainages, and intermittent tributaries of the Brazos and Navasota Rivers.

How can we Help?

Navasota ladies'-tresses was listed as endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in May 1982, and listed as endangered by the State of Texas soon afterwards. Landowners can help protect this rare and beautiful orchid by learning more about Navasota ladies'-tresses and its habitat requirements. If you think you may have this plant on your property and would like help in identifying it, contact your local Natural Resources Conservation Service office for assistance.