Umbrella Man

JFK Assassination

Lydia, Morgan, Stephen, Bryce


In the mystery of JFK's assassination there are two theories with the umbrella man. The first theory is the idea that the umbrella man used the umbrella to shoot JFK with a CIA weapon in the umbrella. The second theory is that when he opened the umbrella it was a sign to signal the shooter to fire and kill JFK.

Theory 1

Umbrella Weapon

The umbrella was rigged as a weapon. So when JFK came by in his motorcade the man stood up opened his umbrella and fired. Shooting JFK in the throat. This explains the hole in his throat. It was not obvious who shot him at the moment because the trigger was the handle of the umbrella. When JFK was riding in motercade he passed the umbrella man before he got shot. So, the umbrella man did not shot him.

Theory 2

Signaling The Assassin

The second theory in the umbrella man is that he and his partner signaled the assassin to kill JFK when he was close. The signal that the umbrella man did was he opened the umbrella when and the cuban stood up and raised his hand and waved it. These were the signals that JFK was coming and to get ready to shoot. When JFK was riding the umbrella man and the cuban signal the shooter behind them. Why would someone just randomly raise their hand and randomly open an umbrella seconds before someone got killed. Also after everyone ran off frantically, they got up and walked off. A pictured was captured with a radio in their back pocket, this was used to communicate with the assassin.

Witts testimony

In Louie Steven Witt's testimony he said he was protesting against JFK's father. So the Umbrella man did have something against the Kennedy's so it made since if he wanted him killed. He claims that it was just a peaceful protest but, a black umbrella on a sunny day seems very suspicious.