Child Abuse

By: Grace Lattimore and Mia Slaunwhite

Main Types of Child Abuse

There are 4 main types of child abuse.

Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, along with neglect.

-Physical abuse is when a child is being hit or punched, shook or "taking a beating." The injury may have not been intended, but it's still considered abuse.

-Emotional abuse, also known as verbal abuse, is saying things like your stupid, ugly, or not wanted and things that can mentally traumatize your child like locking them in a closet is abuse as well.

-Sexual abuse is inappropriate behaviors or other forms of rape or incest from a parent, guardian, teacher, local government, and social services.

-Finally, neglect is basically abandoning your child by not caring for them. It's the failure to provide proper nourishment, shelter, medical treatments, or emotional support.

  • Child abuse is the willful infliction of pain and suffering upon a child or several children.

  • Foster care increases the incidence of reported child abuse.

  • special child- protection causes actual or suspected child abuse

  • A child's behavior can be one type of behavior if use of alcohol and or drugs during the mothers pregnancy. Also, it can cause a birth defect or brain damage on the child.

  • Child abuse today is a big deal. In our society, children die more and more each day from abuse from their parents or guardian.

Ways to Stop Child Abuse

We think parents and service agents should be held more accountable for instances of child abuse. Also we think that it would be a good idea if people just take some time to research and think about what it would be like if you were abused. We don't think that anyone wants to see little kids being beet up. somethings that people should considered to.

When roster care is selecting a family, we thought that they should research and look at family records. And people just need to be nice to everyone, then the effect will catch on.