The Fast and Furious Tuna

By: Maryellen Roche


The amazing tuna has a very diverse habitat, diet, body structure, and appearance. Looking down at the shimmering tuna swimming 62 miles per hour is a rare sight. Native to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the tuna is a fantastic fish.


This fabulous animal has many characteristics other than appearance, diet, and habitat. Native to the Great Barrier Reef, tuna is a fabulous animal in the Great Barrier Reef. There are many interesting facts about the tuna like that the largest recorded tuna is 1,506 pounds. To conclude, the tuna is an amazing organism to learn about.

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Go Fish!!!

For my go fish project I got the starfish, two clown fish, a royal gramma, a shrimp, a puffer fish, and a blue tang. The total cost for my tank was $213.82. The total cost for my fish was $127.93. I would need 14 gallons of water to support my tank. The decorations I got were 2 green sea anemones. The theme for my tank is the movie "Finding Nemo."
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Chefs Corner

Ingredients Nutrition

Yield 15 pikelets Units US

  • 1 large egg

  • 1⁄4 cup sugar (use vanilla sugar if you have it, or as some reviewers have suggested ...add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of va)

  • 1⁄2 cup milk (1-2 tbsp extra may be required for correct consistency)

  • 1 cup self raising flour


  1. In a pouring jug, whisk together well the egg, sugar and half of the milk.

  2. Add the flour and mix thoroughly.

  3. Then add milk until the batter is the consistency of a thick cream.

  4. Beat until smooth.

  5. Pour about a soup spoon sized amount onto a preheated lightly greased frypan (You will need to start about medium high heat but after a few rounds you will need to drop it back to medium).

  6. Flip with a spatula when the top is all bubbly (should be a lovely golden colour), and cook the other side.

  7. Remove from pan and pile piklets up on a plate (cover with a paper towel so they don't go rubbery).

  8. Serve with jam, honey or maple syrup etc.

  9. Enjoy.


Here is my diorama of a tuna in it's habitat. I have 6 other organisms in it including a clown fish, octopus, a crab, a dolphin, a sea turtle, and lastly a jellyfish. I also put in a few pieces of coral and seaweed. The diorama was so much fun to make.
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Tuna Acrostic Poem: Learn more about the tuna!

Terrific fish to learn about
Unique speed no other fish has
Not cold blooded
Amazing and colorful fins