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Halloween 2014 — Urban Outfitters

About Urban Outfitter

Urban Outfitter was established in 1970, it is an American lifestyle retailer which target at customers aged 18-30. The community of Urban Outfitter was began with clothing, records, plants, jewelry and knickknacks from local business at the beginning, they are now additionally cooperate with different designers and brands. They also represent the lifestyle of bohemian, hipster and vintage.

Moreover, they are a fast growing retailer of Clothing and Accessory, more than 130 stores were operated in the U.S. They sell women’s and men’s clothing, houseware, music and technology and beauty products.

Urban Outfitter have in house brands, designs from these brands were manufactured, then goes to Urban Outfitter and sold to the customers. Since Urban Outfitter do not have their own production line, therefore, they are not considered vertical integrated.

Besides, Urban Outfitter provide shopping experience to consumers through their store, website, mobile application, catalog and customer contact centre, by which they are an omnichannel retailer.

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Brand image

The video is a promotion clip of Halloween 2014 of Urban Outfitter and it really showed the attitude of the brand. The mood of the video was carefree and people inside the video were having fun. It represented the playfulness and youngness of the brand.

As the logo in the middle, it's a very simple design. It has the short form of the brand name, it's really memorable and the logo show the life style of their target customers either. It is because they chose the color of black and white, it's chic for the image of a clothing brand.

The music at the bottom is "Dive" from Tycho which is an American ambient band. The atmosphere of the music is dreamy but exciting at the same time, which echo to the band image of being young and laid back.

Urban Outfitter: In The News

Urban Outfitter, one of the most popular brand among Millennial, collaborate with classic sporty brand Fila to launch an exclusive line. The collection represent the classic sport style of Fila from 1973. This is believed that the collaboration will lead the young generation to experience the legacy of Fila.

Feitelberg, Rosemary. "Fila Teams Up With Urban Outfitters for Exclusive Line." WWD. WWD, 02 Sept. 2015. Web. 08 Oct. 2015.

Selling Channel: Catalog

You won't miss anything this year.
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Open back window display

This open back window display was from Urban Outfitter in Amersham. It used line and Color to create the whole look. Also the unity, balance, contrast and rhythm were used in the display. The black and white create a contrast, the order of the display model were balanced and the display table in the middle standed out at the same time, hence it guide the eyes of the customer from up to the bottom and go back to the top. The whole window was like a graffitee wall, and it really matched to the core of the band. It's fun and artistic at the same time.
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Close back window display

Another closed back window display used by Urban Outfitter featured the art elements of texture, lines and colours. Moreover it used balance, contrast, proportion and rhythm to catch customers eyes. First of all the texture of the wood boxes created a crafting environment to the display, which is essential to set the theme of the display. Besides, they used red colour to emphasis the boxes with products and they do it propotionally. Plus, the clothing displays were placed on the two sides to maintained a balance. The total feeling of the display present a harmony and crafting feeling.
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Global retailing

Urban Outfitter expand their business to 10 countries around the world. They have operated 179 stores in the U.S, 16 in Canada and 43 over Europe. The below images are the stores oparated in those countries.


Dive by Tycho