Haiti Earthquake 2010

by: Hannah DuBose, Ella Hynson, Mikayla Raney.

Our Summary

The haiti earthquake:
  • haiti was a very poor country already and after the earthquake they just became ven more poor they are one of the poors countries in the world!
  • More than 70% of people in Haiti were living on less than 2.00 per day
  • 86% of people in Port au Prince were living in very poor conditions - mostly tightly-packed, poorly-built, concrete buildings.
  • 80% of education in Haiti was provided in often poor-quality private schools, the state system generally provided better education but provided far too few places
  • Half of people in Port-au-Prince had no access to latrines and only one-third has access to tap water. This was all before the earthquake after the earthquake
  • he earthquake was a 7.0 Magnitude Quake and struck near Port au Prince
  • 3,500,000 people were affected by the quake
  • 220,000 people estimated to have died
  • 300,000+ people were injured
  • Over 188,383 houses were damaged and 105,000 were destroyed by the earthquake 1.5m people became homeless
  • 4,000 schools were damaged or destroyed
  • 80% of schools in Port-au-Prince and 60% of schools in the South and West Departments were destroyed this city is now one of the poorest areas in the world
  • Food Water

    The effects on food and water were tremendosly effected. They were already very low on water and the water they had wasnt the cleanst or the safest to drink. So aftre the earthquake came through the water was ruined excet for a few parts far away from haiti. So many people had to travel very far for clean drinkale water. The effect on food wasnt completly as bad as the water the food stayed ptty steady except thier fruit and vegatables the criops and trees with fruit were completley gone. They are still re-growing he trees and crops.

    Energy sources

    Haiti like i said earler very poor so many didnt have elctricity anyway and now that the earthquake has came through nobody did they sill have very scarce electricity. And probably wont for a very long time.

    Where is haiti?!

    long term effects


    an earthquake like this one!

    A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck a very remote portionwith many mountains of Papua Province on april 6th 2013. Both of these earthquakes rea 7.0 magitiude.

    abiotic and biotic factors

    Biotic Factors: Animals, Humans, Plants,etc... were hurt or killed.

    Abiotic Facors: Buildings, Cars, Roads,etc... were damaged or destroyed.