Social Studies Cheat Sheet

Engaging Students in the Secondary SS Classroom

Making Vocabulary Fun!

vocabulary dominoes

Quizlet - create vocabulary drills, games, quizzes, matching cards, and tests

Study Stack - help students with vocabulary drills and games

Cram - vocabulary games to boost vocabulary

Tagul Word Clouds

Word Clouds

Let Their Creativity Run Wild!

Powtoons create animated presentations

Smore - colorful flyers - thinking maps

Thinglink - describe objects within a picture

Fakebook, Breaking Tools, SMS Text, Twister (Twitter)

Receive Immediate Feedback to Improve Instruction

Animation Can Be Great!


With Voki students can create an animated character to represent a person from history. Students can alter the avatars image to match a person from a time period. Then type a narrative, chose a voice, and allow the avatar to come alive. More creative students may use their own voices!