Real World Hero

Bromley Armstrong

Bromley Armstrong - By.Briannah

Bromley Armstrong was a person who stood up to what he thought was right. He believed that men and women were not being treated fairly. Bromley Armstrong lived in Canada, Jamaica and Eastern Europe. He is known for standing up for human rights in 6 countries. Armstrong has spent his entire life fighting for rights and at the age 80 he became a active human rights champion. His need for change in the world is what made him such an awesome person!!!
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what is a hero ?

A hero is someone that will have your back when times get rough. A hero will help when you are having trouble with friends or at school.Some of my heroes are my parents, grandparents, my teachers , my good friend Lexi, my Auntie and uncle and my cousins. Other examples of personal heroes are those people that you can trust no matter what . Heroes are the people that will never let you down. A REAL hero is a person that cares for you and does not back down on helping with your problems.