The Road to Perseverance

Jenna Griffith

What is Perseverance?

Many different people could define perseverance differently. I think that perseverance is when tough times or adversities come along your way, you have to work through them and in the end you will triumph.

Compare and Contrast Lauren Hill and Jackie Robinson

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Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan started a pizza business called Dominoes outside his college campus. After college he got rid of his house and left his neighborhood and made Dominoes better and bigger. But soon after, he started having many financial adversities. Eventually he got back on his feet. Soon after he started having financial problems again that went up and down. Now Dominoes is a large and popular pizza business.

Cause and Effect The Running Club

In 2013 the Boston Marathon was bombed. Many people who were running or watching the marathon were injured. People started running in honor of the people who were effected from the bombing. Some people started and joined The Running Club. Everyone in the Running Club trained and persevered together in order to be able to finish the Boston Marathon. The whole Running Club was successful and finished the Boston Marathon.

Carry on

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Typewriter Artist Problem and Solution

Paul Smith has spastic cerebral palsy that affects his speech, mobility, and his fine motor coordination. But he still wanted to be an artist. So instead of painting, which was hard for him, he made art on a typewriter. Instead of putting his art in a museum or art gallery, the hospital hung it in the hallways. Since it was hard for Paul to stand up and paint or draw, he was in his wheel chair while he used his typewriter. Paul was a noble person and everyone wanted to help him with or enjoy the artwork that he made. He was selfless and never bragged about how he could do this kind of art that most other people could never do.

Learning From Perseverance

What we can learn from the perseverance of others in order to overcome adversities in today's world is, you can tell yourself that if he or she persevered through a tough time than I can to. Also you can learn that the more failure you have the more you will learn on how to improve. When you overcome your adversities you can inspire or help other people who are going through tough times and need help. Lastly when you are trying to overcome adversities in your daily life you can never give up, you have to keep trying and in the end you will triumph.