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ALEX WOOLVERTON and the BELLES & Bling have promoted to a SENIOR DIRECTOR TEAM

I can not even put into words how proud I am of this team!!
When I think of the word TEAM this group comes to mind... they have banded together and have proved that ANYTHING is possible!! Alex is the TOTAL PACKAGE.. not only is she CONSISTENTLY on top of the leader boards on SALES and SPONSORING she is an AMAZING leader and friend.
Her team ADORES her and so does the rest of the company!!!
If there was a MRS STELLA&DOT it would be her!



Star Stylists
Erika Fox
Naomi Rosenstein
Shana Ziskind
Carmen Batten
Andrea Seeney

Senior Stylists
Karen Sanderson
Kayla Coe

I am so proud of the ENTIRE belles&bling team and have NO DOUBT there will be a STAR DIRECTOR PROMOTION in your future!!!

Congratulations Ladies!!!!!

dixieDOT team PROMOTIONS!!!

Alexandra Woolverton Senior Director

Carmen Batten Star Stylist

Sarah Mowad Star Stylist

Shana Ziskind Star Stylist

karen sanderson Senior Stylist

Katherine Smyth Senior Stylist

Susan Carruth Senior Stylist

Shannon Lee Lead Stylist

virginia willner Lead Stylist

Erica Burton Lead Stylist

Jessica Brainerd Lead Stylist

Lashandria Williamson Lead Stylist

WOW!! LOOK at these SALES!!!

1 Rachel Schwemmer $15,697.88

2 Alexandra Woolverton $9,265.63

3 Lauren Sigler $8,578.61

4 Lindsey Hermida $8,524.00

5 Jennifer Cullen $8,007.92

6 Kelly Petitto $7,198.50

7 Sarah Mowad $7,104.30

8 Melinda Marshall $6,923.64

9 Alissa Graves $6,366.75

10 Erin Perkins $5,802.86

11 Blakeley Collins $5,731.90

12 Cheryl Rogers $5,724.17

13 Susan Carruth $5,696.20

14 Lauren Lewis $5,319.90

15 Nicole Hazen $5,236.50

16 Deanna Goss $5,005.62

17 Meagan Puckett $4,816.00

18 Carmen Batten $4,697.85

19 Natalie Brignac $4,469.10

20 Salima Fetter $4,324.60

21 Julie Hahn $4,293.96

22 Anna Sample $4,137.40

23 Carolyn Barnes $3,994.34

24 Kelly Smith $3,858.00

25 karen sanderson $3,819.70

26 Erika Fox $3,790.20

27 Anita Hieber $3,731.52

28 Aggie Ingold $3,674.15

29 Shana Ziskind $3,602.05

30 Kristie Conklin $3,577.20

31 laura smith $3,517.12

32 Jessica Brainerd $3,517.10

33 Naomi Rosenstein $3,455.19

34 Danielle Gardner $3,430.00

35 Ashley Bardash $3,378.19

36 Katherine Laskey $3,362.79

37 Jill Forbe $3,358.50

38 Caroline Hester $3,352.10

39 Ashley Black $3,242.00

40 Sarah Zengerle $3,237.71

41 Katherine Smyth $3,233.00

42 Christen D'itri $3,230.50

43 Christine Lammers $3,204.40

44 Anna Muir $3,049.60

45 Allison Levine $3,040.00

46 Joan Weaver $2,945.00

47 Katherine Mckerrow $2,885.96

48 Judith Augustine $2,871.10

49 Melinda Huntoon $2,811.00

50 Stacey Devlin $2,804.00

51 Leslie Herrion $2,788.00

52 Audrey Ferreira $2,749.40

53 Christine Beck $2,720.68

54 Natalie Poulos $2,709.40

55 Amanda Shaw $2,690.28

56 Marcy Camp $2,638.35

57 Tricia Monaghan $2,630.50

58 Amanda Amos $2,623.05

59 Sheranda Smith $2,596.33

60 Kate Stines $2,537.29

61 Kristin Keeney $2,510.80

62 Lindsay Clinton $2,460.70

63 Sheri Kenrick $2,441.55

64 Kristin Hennessy $2,426.50

65 Kellie Steedman $2,423.40

66 Vivian Mason $2,410.12

67 Kenzi Norris $2,405.75

68 Kasey Crawford $2,401.99

69 Robyn Cohen $2,389.50

70 Jenni Albertini $2,376.50

71 Paige O'Quinn $2,364.50

72 Sarah Shuping $2,343.93

73 Ebru Ercan $2,333.00

74 Aimee Mcdonald $2,321.50

75 Cindy Adams $2,316.43

76 Kayla Coe $2,312.93

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SO many reasons to BOOK in APRIL!!!


10. The sun is finally out!!
9. Easter Basket Presents
8. Spring Break is Coming
7. School is winding down
6. Trunk Show Treasures are AWESOME!
5. Autism Awareness Month
4. Summer Collection is Launching
3. Pay for your family's beach trip
2. Mother's Day and Graduation Gifts
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Sample Autism Trunk Show Letter, I had success with

Hi Judith,

I hope you are doing well!!

As you know, April is Autism Awareness month and each year Stella and Dot helps raise a lot of money for the HollyRod Foundation.

I like to take it a step farther and do trunk shows here in Atlanta that benefit local groups.

I raised over $1000 for the Adaptive Learning Center Last year and

I was wondering if you would like to team up and do a show for your organization this year! I would donate a portion of my commission to your group and you will also earn tons of free product

Orders can be taken the day of the show and online anytime to count towards your show.

With Mother's Day, Graduation and Easter coming up this is a great time to do a show:)

Here’s a link to the video and amazing products in our Autism Awareness Boutique!

How cute are they?

All net proceeds from the sale of these items go to the HollyRod Foundation, which helps families who

otherwise can’t afford treatment for kids with autism. Last year as a company we raised over $120,000!!!

It's an amazing cause. We can style ourselves while helping others.

My goal is to do at least 6 Autism Awareness Trunk Shows in April and I'd love to offer you one!

Let me know what you think!!



PS our summer collection is coming out in April... really great pieces!!!

Here is a sneak peak of a few pieces... we have a bunch more but can't show them all right now:)

to preview our collection

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Did you see the new SIGN UP SPECIAL??? Time to grow your TEAM!

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