The Color Purple

By: Isabel, Destanie, Crystal, and Olyvia


This book is about a poor African American family living in the South in the early 1900s. At the beginning Celie and Nettie were living in their childhood home but their everyday life changed quickly. One day Celie was forced to marry a cruel man named Albert. Nettie ran away from home from not being able to deal with the loss of her sister. Nettie encountered a very caring family who offered her a place to stay. Nettie was living with the family and they moved to Africa for missionary work. While Nettie was in Africa Celie lived with her abusive husband Albert. Celie was forced to live with this terrible man and even take care of his children. Someone from Albert's past is later brought into their lives, Shug, who was very sick. Celie took care of her until she was well again. Celie, at first, was not a fan of Shug, but eventually falls in love with her. Though, Celie and Nettie were separated and lived totally different lives, their relationship never changed with the letters they wrote to each other throughout the years.
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Books Reviews

Destanie- I would give this book a 4/5. This was a very interesting book with a very interesting story. This book was challenging considering the dialect. I would recommend this book to book lovers everywhere!

Isabel- I thought it was an okay book. The way the characters talked made it confusing. Overall I wouldn't read the book again 3/5

Crystal- I would give this book a 4/5. I thought it was very interesting and had my attention at the beginning, but towards the end I lost interest. It was also confusing with the dialect.

Olyvia- I give this book a 4/5. This book had a great story line and was very captivating towards the beginning. It became a little more dull towards the end of the book. However overall, was a really good book!


Beginning TCP Clip

Celie explains how her children were taken away from her and Albert forces Nettie to leave Celie.

Middle TCP Clip

Celie stands up for herself against Albert, and then moves in with Shug.

End TCP Clip

Celie is reunited with Nettie and meets her children, Olivia and Adam, for the first time.

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