Middle School Tech

January 2017

Amazon: Echo and Dot

Watch the short video to see what Alexa can do, then, check out the link to see how you can use this handy device in the classroom.
Introducing Echo Dot

Alexa in the Classroom


Try Alexa in the classroom!

Use these commands:


roll the dice.

pick a number between 1 and 100.

what is the weather today?

what is the current moon phase?

how do you spell __________?

pick a card out of a virtual deck."

Click on the link for many more ideas for using Alexa in the classroom!

Image Chef and Visual Poetry


Do you see those cute memes and fun images on social media?

Create your own using image chef!


Use visual poetry with your students in the classroom to create meaningful, personalized, visual representation of poetry.

Visual Poetry 4.0 by ImageChef

Raspberry Pi

Have you heard of Raspberry Pi, but your not sure what all the fuss is about?

Here is an introduction video to what a Raspberry Pi is and how you can get started using it. There are 5 tutorials in this video series, each video taking you step by step on how to use this powerful little tool. If you are interested in seeing a Raspberry Pi, stop in to see one of the tech leaders, or ask a student tech team member all about it!

Get Started with Raspberry Pi 1 - Unboxing Pi

Newspaper Clipping Generator


This is such a great, and easy-to-use tool to get kids writing and to ignite their imaginations!

It's free, and it's easy!

Big image



Slack is a collaboration tool. It's very similar to hangouts, but offers a few extras that you will love!

"Whether you’re collaborating with other teachers or assigning group project work to students, this app can make communication easier for teams in a variety of settings."

Watch the video to learn more!


Top Ten Student Study Apps


Dissect a frog

Learn a foreign language

Use math formulas

Study for the SAT

Learn how to use a world atlas

and many more!