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Earthworm Dissection Pre-Ap Bio 3/23/14 Panos Kontoyiannis

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Lumbricus terrestris

The earthworm is in the kingdom Animalia and phylum Annelida. They are segmented creatures and a fluid-filled coelom. Earthworms are hermaphrodites and can live in a variety of environments. They however are mostly found in nutrient rich soil. Earthworms also respire from their skin and require an abundance of water in their environment. Earthworms are also known as "dew-worms", "rainworms", "nightcrawlers" and "anglewroms". The niche of the earthworm is to fertilize the soil. The earthworm has various predators which includes various insect eating birds.

Today's Objective

Students will be learning about the digestive system of an earthworm, Students will also be learning about the internal and external anatomy of the earthworm.

Digestive System

The Earthworm's digestive system consists of various organs. Here are the order of digestion and the functions of each organ.
  • mouth- soil enters through here
  • pharynx- swallows soil that entered through mouth
  • esophagus- transports the soil to crop and gizzard
  • crop- soil is stored until it is moved to the gizzard
  • gizzard- uses stones to completely grind soil
  • intestine- grinded soil then moves on to intestine where glands fully digest the material
The result of the earthworm's digestive system is worm castings. This is reinserted into the soil which is beneficial because worm castings are rich in nitrogen, phosphate and other nutrients.

Earthworm Dissection Video

Earthworm Anatomy

Earthworm Cladogram

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