Michele's Rescue

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Support the Rescue!

There are many ways to support Michele's Rescue. Besides supplying a fur-ever home for one of our animals, we are always looking for volunteers in many areas including fostering, helping out at the Happy Cat Café or transporting our animals. If you aren't able to volunteer, you could also support by donating money or items from our Chewy Wishlist. Any help you can offer big or small is appreciated!

Adorable Adoptables


If you want a snuggle buddy, Whiskey's your guy! He likes to cuddle up during a good movie and long walks on the beach. You want a lap dog? He is that too! In fact, he is 62 lbs of lap dog. He is very social with his own kind. Whiskey was abused and you see, because of this, he is not ready for kids as they are often a bit to unpredictable for his liking. However, he is great at communication so you never have to guess what he is thinking! Whiskey is a playful 3-year-old who loves a good tug-of-war session, and like any man, his stomach is the way to his heart! He will do anything for treats. He enjoys eating eggs and licking peanut butter off of anything you give him. Fill out an application for him today!


On the surface my demeanor says I play tennis and wear Tommy Hilfiger cologne. However, once you get to know me, you'll see that I'm really a pool shark with a vast library of leather bound books who prefers Drakkar! Favorite movies include: The Time Travelers wife and The Notebook. The movie selection in the rescue is not on par for me. Having been in rescue since mid-December, Samson is very ready for a furever family. Apply today!

Kitten Season

We are currently in the midst of "kitten season." Kitten season is the time from spring to fall when stray cats tend to breed and have litters. LOTS OF LITTERS!! When cats aren't spayed and neutered they can have many litters of kittens and this becomes a major problem with overpopulation. This year has been particularly bad since many vet clinics were closed because of COVID and cats weren't being spayed and neutered.

What should you do if you find stray kittens?

  1. Watch! See if the mother is around. Don't move the kittens unless they are in immediate danger.
  2. Get help! Contact us via Facebook or a different local rescue to see what steps should be taken to make sure that the kittens are taken care of.

How can you help?

  1. Make sure your pets are spayed and neutered.
  2. We need foster homes to take care of all of these kittens and make sure they get into good homes. Apply today!
  3. We need supplies to take care of the kittens in our rescue including kitten food and litter. Take a look at our Chewy wishlist

Volunteer Highlight: Michelle VanAllsburg

Michelle V. is the Cat Coordinator for Michele’s Rescue. She manages the entire Cat Team, taking care of adoption applications and managing intake and foster placement. She has been with the rescue for two years.

Having always wanted to be a volunteer with an animal rescue, she remembers seeing the Happy Cat Cafe’s affiliation with Michele’s Rescue and with a name like “Michele” she decided it was meant to be. She submitted a foster application and was called the next day. She’s been hooked since.

Her favorite memory from her work in the rescue is when she was fostering a fluffy black mom cat and her six black kittens. She was then asked to take two bottle babies that were also black. She had nine black kittens and it was impossible to tell them apart.

Michelle is passionate about team-work and communication within the rescue. She describes work in the rescue this way:

“Many of the day to day duties are handled in group form with my Cat Team. You have to be a part of a team to be a volunteer. Confident, reliable, good communicators are what we need to flow and keep the rescue stable. We cannot do any of the work on our own.”