Natural Disasters Risk Mangement


Natural disasters destroy businesses


Back in 2010 there was a tornado in Boone county it touched down and started ripping up the county. It tore threw the county hitting small farms and houses. then it hit the small town of Caledonia there was a grainery the known as moragra grain. The twister hit the grainery and took out the grain bins and the office and the trucks and tractors there.after the twister dissipated the damage was severe and it cost over a half million dollars to rebuild the grainery and today they prep for tornado's everyday.

5 Ways To Protect You're Buissniess From A Natural Disaster

1.Put money aside for the damages.

2.Prepare yourself for the worst damage.

3.Have emergency plans for a disaster.

4.Have first aid training for your employees.

5.Have a safety plan for when a natural disaster strikes