By: Sammy K

Typing Web

* We always do a 5 min. typing warm up.

* You need to pass the intermediate course in 6th grade.

* I became a lot more faster at typing using this site.


* You get to teach about your favorite things in your life.

* We got to make a trailer.

* You learn about many other peoples lives.

Haiku Deck

* We made a presentation about the career we want.

* You need at least 10 slides.

* In some careers you need a backup job.

Explain Everything

* You choose a math problem.

* There is 10 problems to choose from.

* You have to draw and speak to do the math problem.

Career Locker

* You get to explore all of the careers.

* Than you are able to choose a career you would like.

* Finally you research about your career to learn more.


* You start out learning easy/simple codes.
* Next you move up stages and you start doing easy shapes.

* Finally you go onto very difficult drawing and objects.