1st & 2nd hand Account of cupcakes

By: Aradia Austin

A different way I make cupcakes

I might make cupcakes a little different then others with my mom or dad and we use sprinkles and icing. I make a lot of different cupcakes then the other ones that I make. Then when we are done we eat dinner and then I tell my mom or dad if I can have one.They say yes or no to me and I get one and then when i'm done. I get ready to go to bed and in the morning I get dressed to go to school. I make icing colors like blue, red, pink, yellow, orange and other colors i can thank of to make.

My grandma is good at making cupcakes

She is the life I have and she is the best of the best one I ever had her cupcakes are fantastic and her cookies, cakes, every thing she makes is good because and I like her because she is good at it she can be a cooker for her job. I bet she can make awesome baking it and she will get a lot of money and good things and she will have the job forever until her life is over and dies witch that will take along time to do that.