St. Paul Bulletin

St. Paul School - Kevin Brever, Principal - March 29, 2013

”Have a Blessed Easter and enjoy your Spring Break!” – St. Paul Faculty and Staff


3-9-13 - Grades K-3 (K) - 8:15

310-13 - Grade 4-6 (6) - 8:15

3-11-13 - Grades 7-8 (8) - 8:15

3-12-13 All School Mass (1) - 8:15

3-14-13 - Class Liturgy (Grades 1-2) - 8:15

Please attend the Mass of your choice Saturday or Sunday

Important Dates


29 - Good Friday

- Stations of the Cross - 1:30

30 - Holy Saturday

31 - Easter


1-5 - Spring Break

8 - Monday - Mens Club Meeting 7:30 PM

9 - Tuesday - Grades 3-5 Brown Theater 9:30 AM

10 - Wednesday - Sports Committee Meeting 7:00 PM

11 - Thursday - 8th Grade Cookie Sale 11:30 AM

12 - Friday - All School Mass (Gr. 1) 8:15 AM

- Confirmation at St. Lawrence 7:00 PM

- Bingo 7:00 PM

13 - Saturday - First Eucharist Celebration 4:00 PM

- PTA Super Bingo 6: 00 PM

14 - Sunday - Grades K & 1 Class Liturgy 9:30 AM

16 - Tuesday - - Spring Pictures - 8:00 AM - in the Gym (see announcement below) *

Personal Responsibility

“There’s not a chance we’ll reach our full potential until we stop blaming each other and start practicing personal accountability.”
― John Miller, Author: QBQ: The Question Behind The Question

What is Personal Responsibility?

Personal responsibility is taking charge of one’s own actions. It implies completing assignments on time, studying for tests, taking the responsibility for one’s own learning mistakes or failures, and performing to the best of one’s ability. Personal responsibility recognizes the importance of parents and teachers as learning partners but puts the student in charge.

Being responsible is a learned behavior. It is not an accident and it requires patience and effort. If you want to be more responsible and practice the skills that will help you, you can become more responsible. Begin by practicing these steps:

  • · Complete the chores your parents give you to do
  • · Listen and follow directions in school
  • · Ask questions when you are confused or don’t understand
  • · Write down your assignments and projects
  • · Set a regular schedule to help you complete your school work
  • · Study regularly for tests
  • · Ask for help from others (friends, parents, teachers) when necessary
  • · Accept that being a student is your job and plan to do it well

Super Bingo - Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saint Paul School will be sponsoring a Super Bingo on Saturday, April 13, 2013. Doors will open at 6:00 PM and Bingo will start at 7:30 PM. The ticket cost is $20.00 per package and will include 18 face cards for all regular games and 9 face cards for all special games. Additional game packages will be available for $10.00 for those of you who like playing more cards. There will be $1000 coverall and total payouts of $4000 if at least 150 attend.

We will be sending home one ticket per family and hope everyone can sell or purchase at least one.

News from the Classroom

Individualized Instruction for Students


We at Saint Paul are dedicated to providing instruction to fit the individual needs of your child. For example, in collaborative efforts between myself and teachers, we are constantly observing data from SuccessMaker, Stars Diagnostic, Terra Nova and Classroom Performance.

We use this data to individualize instruction for students in the classroom at various levels. We want to address areas of weakness with intensive instruction as well as provide challenges in areas of academic strength. If you have any suggestions for your child's educational programming, please do not hesitate to contact me at 502-639-6748.


Sunni Sosna-Kelty

Student Services Coordinator

First Grade

The first grade just received their praying mantis egg. We will be observing it for the next couple of weeks to see it hatch and the babies before releasing them out in the park.

Second Grade

The 2nd Grade class is busy preparing for First Holy Communion on April 14, 2013 at 4pm. When we return from Spring Break we will be starting a new unit in Science about Outer Space.

SPD - March Madness

This week was March Madness week in SPD. The classes participated in basketball games and drills. The upper grades also learned a dance incorporating dance and basketball moves to the basketball theme song "Get Ready for This".


The 3rd – 5th grade have been learning about instruments and bands from the Colonial America time period in relationship to modern art and music. They will be taking a field trip to see the Louisville Orchestra perform “Fiddles, Fifes, and Founding Fathers,” music from Colonial America on April 9th.


8th Grade: Students have been learning to build websites for their science class using their GoogleApps accounts. They have also learned how to use HTML language to make their sites more complete and interesting.

7th Grade: Students have been working on research skills to become "Internet Sleuths", learning how to cite sources and validate the information sound in sources. They are also working on their keyboarding skills to meet the standard of 30 words per minute and 95% accuracy. Many are exceeding that skill already.

6th Grade: Students have also been working on their keyboarding skills along with learning about computer compatibility and networking.

5th Grade: Students have learned to create presentations using their GoogleApps accounts. Each student chose a natural resource to investigate and created two presentations: one for their classmates, and another for a government official. Many of them are excellent presentations!

4th Grade: Students are learning about spreadsheets. They have completed lessons about the use of spreadsheets, columns and rows, as well as formatting cells and using formulas.

3rd Grade: Students have been learning word processing skills. They have created documents, learned about page layout and have been formatting text to their documents easy to read and understand.

2nd Grade: Students have also been working on beginning word processing skills, learning about formatting and outlining. We will begin some simple spreadsheet instruction after Spring Break.

1st Grade: Students have been working on their keyboarding skills, learning where all the keys are, words and spaces, cursor, arrow, shift and tab keys, as well as symbols.

Kindergarten: Students have been learning the keyboard, also. They are also learning mouse skills and gaining an understanding of graphics with our TuxPaint and A to Zap programs.

KET School Video Project Continues - 7th and 8th Grades

KET School Video Project — Our Environment: Local Solutions is an opportunity to integrate multimedia technology and media studies with science curriculum in a fun and meaningful spring project, along with a chance to win an iPad, educational apps, and accessories for making more great video projects!

  • What: Student-produced videos about local solutions to environmental problems: projects can be brief PSAs (public service announcements) on ways to conserve resources, news-story explorations on how to prevent pollution, discussions of environmental problems and local solutions, mock debates, and more.
  • We are making it a collaborative project between disciplines. The 7th and 8th grades are writing short stories and the 8th grade are creating a book at the end of the project.
  • The 8th grade is doing a video project: a PSA on pollution. The students are now brainstorming ideas. Students were assigned jobs and have started working on facts:

Actors- Kyle, Garrett, Adyson, Camryn, Victoria

Writers- Adyson, Kelly, Caroline

Editors- Lauren, Evan, Olivia

Directors- Garrett, Kyle, Amber

Camera Operators- Kyle W, Hunter

Music- Lauren, Camryn, Olivia

Fact Checkers- Everybody

Props- Michael, Kyle W, Hunter

  • When: Entries are due at the KET website by April 30, 2013.
  • Prizes: All participating schools and organizations will automatically be entered in a prize drawing to be held on May 1 for an Apple iPad with environmental study and video production apps, plus video production accessories including a tripod, tripod adapter and microphone. We'll post the winner of the prize drawing on this web page and will also notify the winner by e-mail. Please note that it's a prize drawing and not a contest.

* Spring Pictures - April 16th

Spring Pictures will be taken April 16, 2013 in the Gym. Please dress up for this picture. You can order pictures with the flyer that went home, or online:

Visit and click on the Order Pictures button.

Congratulations to the 4th and 5th Governor's Cup Participants!

Congratulations to the 4th and 5th Governor's Cup Participants:

  • Jackson Bland
  • Michael Brown
  • Trenton Deal
  • Maddie Emerson
  • Trent Murphy
  • Madalynn Nalley
  • Billy Schnieders
  • Jillian Ward

Special Thanks to Mrs. Towles, Mr. Zimmerman and Ms. McClinton for their tremendous dedication and support to our Governor's Cup Team.