Keep the motion going......

+*+101Fibro will bring awareness in print!+*+

101Fibro is much more then support....

People who do not have the disease Fibromyalgia will read YOUR story. Fibromyalgia awareness is not just for the support groups, telling your story and venting in a group does not give everyone involved the full picture.

This is huge, it's not ONE story, it's 100 people pouring out their hearts and their pain. If one person says it, yes it may hold water...if 100 say it, it becomes more real. This is not a boring technical journal that the layman would not understand. This is about your lives.

It's more possible that a husband or a wife of someone who struggles with Fibromyalgia may not go onto a Facebook group to learn about the disease, but they are more likely to read something in print. Should they read 101FIBRO they could very well begin to better understand his or her partner's symptoms. This understanding could make that relationship stronger and it may be the result of your story or your colleagues story.

Parents may suspect that their children or teen has Fibromyalgia, since the they often complain of phantom pain. Perhaps the parents are in denial, or just plain unaware. After reading a story from 101FIBRO, that a friend lends them or they find by doing a Amazon search. Boom! Once they read a story written by a few of you about having this disease from a young age, they start to become aware of the 'real deal' when it comes to our disease. This awareness could very well motivate them to get their child to a specialist for a diagnosis. Imagine the grief you could save that child or that teen and that family!

There are so many reasons why this book can and will help those readers' who struggle and those who do not struggle. Imagine how your words will truly bring awareness to someone's Kindle or on their nite stand by their bed. One collaborator mentioned to us that she will give a copy to her doctor!! That is awesome isn't it? Think of the possibilities.

Our progress...your progress!

We are now quickly reaching 50% full!! It should take us no time to reach our goal of 100 collaborators. But that doesn't mean we coast along. Our goal is to have this book out in print come Mid-October this year!!

Our deadline for submitting your stories has been moved to 7/15/2017. If you have your story completed early please submit to us at This will help us get started faster. If you haven't read our submission requirements, please do that first.

We are all connected now. Don't forget our Facebook group. You are all welcomed to post on that Facebook group, so if you haven't joined...go for it! We are a group of Fibromyalgia Strugglers' who will help change the way people look at our disease. Be are the pioneers' of this trail that we are carving!

Just a note....

.... we have added a donation button on our website. You are not required to donate a penny! The donations will help bring this book to completion with the costs that apply to publishing, such as the editing of all stories, completion of the full book cover, advertising costs, advertising graphics, prizes for contests and more.