The Three Little Bad Pigs

By Dustin

part 1

Once upon a there lived 3 little bad pigs.They shared a house made of hard chocolate in a town made of chocolate.

part 2

In rotten land the wolf was hairy and bad.The wolf wanted to eat pig sandwich for his dinner.So he went to the little pigs house.When the wolf came the pig got a rotten chocolate gun and decided to dig a trap so the wolf would fall into the hole.The wolf got fire on his but and he runs away and jumps in a cold puddle to soothe his bum

part 3

When he comes back to chocolate town the pigs have made a trap to catch the wolf.It a big hole in the ground disguised with leaves and branches on top.The wolf walks over the trap and fell in.He is caught The pigs kill the wolf and use his meat to make wolf's soup.

part 4

The pigs gets treats from chocolate shop for dessert .They eat 6 Chocolate pears in Their chocolate house and they live happily ever after.