Pennsylvania the Colony

One of the 13 colonies


The Pennsylvania colony was known as one of the middle colonies founded by William Penn. This colony started in 1682 and lasted until 1776 as an English colony. King Charles the 2nd wrote in the charter he gave to William Penn to nave this colony Pennsylvania, giving it its name.

Past Occupants

At first Germans occupied Pennsylvania moving there due to wars in southern Germany. Then England occupied Pennsylvania from 1682-1776 being given to William Penn from King Charles the second for owing him money.

Key Events

1681-March 4th

King Charles the 2nd granted William Penn, land(we now call Pennsylvania) in place of money that was owed.

1681- April

William Markham was appointed deputy governor

1682- December 7th

The first assembly took place the established the Great Law that united Delaware with Pennsylvania.


Second frame of government was established


The English Revolution took place and deprived William Penn from going into Pennsylvania from 1692-1694


Charter of Privileges was established


First chapel was built


Farming became very prosperous


Defeat from the French and Indian war alliance


American revolution began with Pennsylvania being an origin of the start


America was born

Important People

William Penn- owner of Pennsylvania

Benjamin Franklin- contributed history, philosophy and technology.

George Washington- most distinguished soldier in the colonies

Henry Bouquet- Military Hero

Anthony Wayne- Military Hero that made peace with the Indians

Why You Should Settle Here

The Pennsylvania colony is the best to settle because the land near it is fertile and suitable for farming, everyone comes from a different background creating diversity, and equality all over the colony with William Pen being the founder. Not to mention it's closeness to waterways to receive imports and exports, making this colony an amazing place to settle.