December 7, 2020

Final Exam Protocols

*Our board approved Student-Parent Handbook states that final exam exemption is determined by two criteria - attendance, and grades. Here is what the policy looks like in the handbook:


In an attempt to reward exemplary attendance, the following policy shall be in effect:

  1. Students who are absent from school no more than fourteen (14) cumulative blocks of class time, (including excused and unexcused absences, but not including absences due to attendance at school sponsored events) and are passing all classes (for the semester) enrolled in with no grade lower than a C- may be exempt from semester examinations. Test exemption is a decision for individual students and parents to make. Students eligible for test exemption may elect to take semester examinations without risk of lowering their grade. Students who qualify for finals exemption will be dismissed from school during finals. Absences will still be counted during the finals schedule if a student is not at school but will not be assessed a penalty. Finals are to be figured as part of the total semester grade.

  2. Students failing to meet both exemption criteria must take ALL final exams.

  3. A student who misses more than four (4) cumulative blocks of class time in any one class, will also be required to take finals in all classes that the student is currently enrolled.

  4. Students who are enrolled as part-time are allowed two blocks of absence per block enrolled to be excused from finals. Part-time students who miss more than four blocks in any one class will be required to take finals in all classes they are enrolled.

  5. Scott Tech students are not exempt from taking finals at the Career Center. Scott Tech students may miss up to 8 blocks (number enrolled at PCHS) and be exempt from finals at PCHS. Students are responsible for completing requirements set forth by the Scott Technical Career Center. Our policy does not excuse students from finals at the Career Center.

  6. Finals exemption does not apply to dual credit courses or EOC courses.

So - to recap:

We are dropping the attendance requirement due to COVID-19 because we did not want to encourage sick students to come to school.

The only criteria is student grades - any student receiving a grade of "D" or "F" in a class will forfeit their ability to exempt from finals. This means one grade of less than C- (C-minus) will result in the student taking ALL of their final exams (even classes where they may have an "A").

*Students who are exempt from taking their final exams are encouraged to stay home to limit their exposure to COVID-19.

*There will be no early finals unless approved by the office. Approvals will only be given for extenuating circumstances.

*Students will not be allowed to leave class once they have completed their finals. Students will be dismissed by intercom to their next period.

*Students will not be allowed to leave campus during the school day unless signed out by a parent/guardian in person.

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Teacher of the Month - Ms. Wagner

Ms. Wagner is a 2015 graduate of PCHS, and is currently in her first year of teaching at her alma mater. Her passion for teaching has manifested itself in many different ways, as she has volunteered to perform many tasks that do not fall within her job description. She has transported many clay projects to be baked in a kiln off campus so that students can enjoy their works of art. She has coached JV volleyball this fall, and plans to help coach the MS track team this spring. We are extremely fortunate to have Ms. Wagner on our team!

Scholarships Available For Class of 2021!

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks awards NUMEROUS scholarships to local seniors. It is IMPORTANT you make an account with their site in order to access these scholarships. We had several students awarded scholarships from this foundation last year. Most of the scholarships are not available to apply for until 2/1/2021, HOWEVER, there are a few that are open now!!

Follow these steps to make an account and apply or preview scholarships that are and will be available for you.

1 - Go to https://www.cfozarks.org/

2. Click on "What We Do"

3. Scroll down to "Scholarships" and click Learn More

4. Click Apply for Scholarships

5. Scroll to the bottom and click Apply Here


7. Where it says Enter Access Code at the top of the screen, enter PUBLIC (all caps). After entering PUBLIC, you can use the quick access search bar to enter searches such as Pierce City, Lawrence County, FFA, teaching, engineering, etc to narrow searches down to more specific scholarships you wish to apply for.

!!!!!!Please do this ASAP!!!!!

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