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Sottoriva America says, "Mix it, Lift it, Tilt it, Mix it, Release it, Mix, Mix, Mix"

it may sound like the latest "salsa" dance steps, but, Sottoriva's most complete line of mixers includes the PRISMA Self Tilting and Lifting model, the EVO Series of removable bowl machines, the TWIST Mixers (fixed bowl) which are the everyday machine for any type of baker (in DESIGNER colors too !!!), the IBT series of "Double Arm" mixers having fixed or removable bowls, the Double Tool (for high speed mixing without friction), and the French Dough Mixer (with the oblique "tuning fork" style tool) for gently developed dough. Find out why our customers call us, "The Dough Experts" ! It our business since 1944.

Sottoriva America Inc.

Sottoriva America Inc. - The Baker's best choice for dough production

Keep Sottoriva in mind when you have a "knead" for dough mixing and dough feeding applications. We offer a wide assortment of options from 20 liter (quarts) to 300 Kg of mixed dough and batters.


the USA Headquarters for Sottoriva Mixing and Dough Feeding, Dividing and Rounding Systems for breads and rolls, Artisan Bread Equipment and Systems, the "FLEXLINE", "SUPER FLEXLINE", "HI LINE" and "MINI LINE" for rolls, long rolls, stamped rolls and "moulded rolls", and unique unit machines for the smaller but growing bakery of tomorrow. We're here to grow with the customer, today and tomorrow, with affordable bakery machines and systems that "makes you a lotta dough", but, "doesn't put a "hurtin' on your business !" Financing available for qualified purchases. Call 1-(800)-345-8972.

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