Endangered animals

How can we save them?

Why animals are becoming extinct so quickly?

Why animals are really becoming exsinct?

well there are reasons to why they are. Here are some of them. There has been a lot of the animals that lost there habitats and have been destroyed by people. Other reasons that animals are becoming exstinct is many people are killing them by hunting them down.

It could also be the climate that the animals is Liveing on. What could happen is the prey or food that they need could be fading. There might not be enough water for the animals to drink.

How can we help these animals?

We can help theses animals by stop destroying there habitats and stop killing these lovely creatures that are not mean I belive they are nice creatures because they count on ous to help them live . Not kill them! I think we could put signs up that say "help our nature and our animals"! We can also help animals by picking up trash and planting new plants.

Do what's rights for the animals! And help them save there lives!