Eagle Bowling

Prosper High School

Allen Match ••••••••• January 25, 2013

Knowing Allen would be a tough team to beat on a good night, we decided to have some fun and give some of our JV2 regulars a chance to bowl in the Varsity Line up. Allen showed up in a big way and other than Jacob Small and Jacob Yazbeck individual wins and Mitchelle Herman's tie in individuals, Allen took all the team points for all three divisions. Although the pins didn't fall in our favor, we are most proud of the continued display of sportsmanship from our players, inspite of the gross displays of 'exaggerated celebration' from the Allen bowlers and coach. We would always much rather you loose the match with grace and honor than demean yourselves with gloating and intimidation.

Varsity Highlights

Ryan Peterson

Ryan had a great first time on varsity, with a 296 series. He strung 4 strikes in a row in the first game to finish with a big 168. Nice Bowling Ryan.

Nathan Cobb

Nathan also had a big night in his first varsity appearance shooting a 319 series. Nathan also bowled in the anchor position for the Baker match.

Michelle Vega

Strong and steady, Michelle shot another great 298 series to lead the Lady Eagles.

JV Highlights

Second Half Match Averages

Next Match - against McKinney Boyd High School

Sunday, Feb. 3rd 2013 at 2pm

2521 K Avenue

Plano, TX

Please arrive at Plano Super Bowl by 1:30.

Practice Pays this Week

Pearson Davenport

Shot his new personal high game of 243. His tryout average was a 109.

Mitchell Herman

Shot his personal high game of 221. His tryout average was a 106.

Rachel Porter

Shot a 191 in league. Her tryout average was a 102.

Michelle Vega

Shot a 176 in league. Her tryout average was a 99.

Pictures from all the matches

If you have an apple device or computer and would like me to invite you to the albums let me, (Mrs, Gramly) know and I will share them with you. Everyone can access the albums by using the links below. I will not be able to keep all of them online for long. I've received a message saying I am close to my limit. Please save any pictures you want to keep asap.
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