DHH Itinerant Spring Update

ESC Region 11

Welcome to our new Regional DHH Consultant!

I am so very very very excited to announce that we have hired a new Regional DHH Consultant at ESC Region 11. Anne Darr has joined the ESC staff and will be an excellent resource. Anne has been working as an itinerant in Aledo and Birdville and has many years experience.

AI Issues for Itinerant Teachers and Parent Advisors

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 9am-4pm

1451 South Cherry Lane

White Settlement, TX

SKI-HI Training Update

SKI-HI training is being revised, and the format is changing. We've divided it into 3 parts. Part I will be offered June 7-8 in Fort Worth. Part II will be online for the four weeks in October. Part III will be November 1-2 in Fort Worth. We are hoping that adding the online component and reducing the face to face time will allow for more people to participate. Registration will be coming soon.